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To look for certain information use the search box on the home page. Type in what you are looking for and click search. This search looks for specific information from within the Belmont NH Heritage site only. It can not search through the Belmont Better Times issues either, so if your looking for a specific issue you will have to do that manually by searching each issue.


To look for certain or specific information on a page within the Belmont NH Heritage site, try using your browser search feature. Click on Edit on the browser menu at top of screen, click find on this page, enter what word or phrase you are looking for  in the find what box and click find. You can select up or down, but this depends on your location on that page.

Navigation bars are on the top of each page. These buttons allow you to directly access other pages and databases throughout the site. Think of them as mini buses traveling from one place to another. In some instances clicking a navigation bar may take you to another web site. Should this be the case, and you want to return to this site immediately just click the back button on your browser. This will also work should the navigation bar not have what you are looking for, you may choose to hit the back button to return to a previous page at anytime.


Throughout the web site you may find underlined words these are called linked text. In these instances, one can click the text, and be taken off to another page or web site to gain more information on the underlined text. Should it not appeal to you, you may choose to hit the back button on the browser to return to your previous task. Most take you to a place within the Belmont NH Heritage web site.


On the browser click Edit, then Find on Page, enter what you are searching for, if found it will highlight the word(s), if not found it will say not found. These records currently can not be searched using the search box on the home page.


1)Highlight area on page you wish to print. On Browser click File, then click print. Click on section, then on preferences, click landscape, and click print button. 

2) In some instances, you may have to change the page margins to get the document to print entirely on the page. To do so, click file, page setup, change the left and right  margins to .25, then click ok, and repeat step one above before printing.

Our Favorite Links 

On the home page you will notice a link called our favorite links. This is a list of online web sites that we find to be very useful when searching the Internet for a variety of tasks surrounding family genealogy.

The New Hampshire Registry of Deeds is a very useful tool when searching properties within the State of New Hampshire. Often these documents can give names of wives (when not known), allow someone to find the history of a property, and often refer to probate records when a person has transferred property through a death. Sometimes particular items were also sold with the property and are also mentioned within the deeds.

Town web sites can offer history of the town, contact information, and some have property appraisal databases that are also searchable. Example: The Town of Belmont has a property database listed on it's web site ( it is Vision Appraisal (see our favorite links). Using this data base you can find property owners, often previous owners and deed information, property values, dates of when homes were constructed, and a variety of other information. Deed reference numbers listed here can then be brought to the NH Registry of Deeds and a property can be worked backwards through its database allowing one to find information out about its previous property owner. This database is also handy when mailing out your Christmas cards and are unable to find the correct address. The above database give both the physical address of the property, as well as the mailing address of its owner.

Adobe Requirements some files contained within this site require adobe reader. Most computers already have this installed, but should it not be installed on your computer go here to download it.