Save Our Gale School Committee

Date: November 21, 2006

Location: Belmont Fire Department Training Room

Time: 7PM


Eleven were present including Shaker Regional School Board member Sumner Dole and Donna Manning the artist who painted the picture of the Gale School.

Chairman Diane Marden called the meeting to order and proceeded to present the painting of the Gale School to George Condodemetraky. The winning name had been drawn on Veterans Day. Donna Manning was introduced to the group and made remarks about her recollections of Gale School and growing up in Belmont.

It was announced that Lexan had been installed on the first story windows of the school and that Doug Ellis had obtained a better price for the materials than had been previously quoted. He is looking for help for the second story installation. The Chairman indicated that she would try to find help.

Sharon Ciampi handed out work sheets which she thought would be useful in examining the various options for the building. The options were (a) Restore at the present location, (b) Move to the pines, (c) Move to Concord Street, (d) Move to town property.

A long period of questions and answers followed between School Board member Dole and members of the group. Mr. Dole indicated that he did not know what the School Board would ultimately conclude to do with the building but feels the board has an open mind and is willing to consider options. Recommendations from the Marinance architectural review of the property would probably be several months off. The Board is not expected to propose any major projects this year but is considering whether to set money aside in a capital reserve account for future building use. He stressed that the building should be looked at as a Belmont historic building rather than a Shaker Regional School District building.

Ray Carbone, speaking as a Belmont resident, said that he senses that the School Board doesn’t want the building and that the members should not count on them to propose undertaking its rehabilitation.

The Chairman indicated that since the building might have to be moved from school property it might be best to think about an alternative location. She is to look into town owned land which might be available and will bring information to the next meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 5, 2006 at the fire station at 7PM. The meeting adjourned at approximately 9PM.