Save Our Gale School Committee

Date: September 12, 2006

Location: Belmont Fire Department Training Room

Time: 7PM


Eight were present including Shaker Regional School District Superintendent Michael Cozort.

After the Chairman called the meeting to order the minutes of the prior meeting were approved with one minor correction.

The Chairman then reported on fund raising activities. She reported that seventy-seven T shirts had been sold and that there was now $751.67 in the account. She also reported that she had purchased twenty-four signs advertising the web site at a cost of $150 which had already been deducted from the account. She reported a donation of $200. from Irving Oil Company and that she had ordered additional T shirts. She also reported that there had been a lot of activity at the web site.

Helen Corriveau reported on her meeting with six members of the Canterbury Historical Society where she got the impression that they were sympathetic to the cause.

Dan Romprey who had previously been at the Gale School walk through and who offered his services in installing detection devices in the building discussed what he thought should be installed in the building and how he would connect the alarm system. He indicated that very possibly an antenna could be placed in the tower of the school which would make the service free. Rick Siegel is supposed to be sending a letter to the school board in regards to his safety concerns.

The Chairman reminded those present of the planned clean-up day on October14. Best-Way has volunteered to have dumpsters in place and Hillcrest Pizza will donate pizzas for the event. Although scheduled for two days the consensus was that one day would probably be sufficient.

At about 8:30PM Superintendent Cozort left the meeting and the group then discussed strategy for the upcoming meeting of the Shaker Regional School Board which is scheduled for September 14 at 6PM. It was concluded that after members presented their positions it would be up to the school board to make the next move and that the urgency of our reaction would in good part depend on what transpired at that meeting. It was therefore decided that the calling of the next meeting would be left up to the Chairman and Vice Chairman. The meeting adjourned at approximately 9PM.